About Us

ClipSafari is a repository for high quality clip art images. These vector graphics files are suitable for all contexts, because they scale up to any resolution without becoming blurry. Many of these graphic files were sourced from the Open Clipart Project. Open Clipart was an amazing resource and a community of artists. Since April 2019, however, the site has been unavailable. So, we decided to step in.

We worked with resources across the internet to locate and process the images that were previously hosted on the Open Clipart site. Because the art of Open Clipart was distributed under the generous CC0 license, we were able to undertake this project instead of the art becoming lost.

Our collection of images is a great resource for:

  • web pages
  • posters and fliers
  • email
  • presentations
  • and any other use you can imagine!

Currently we don't offer the ability to contribute to the repository, but we hope to implement upload and community features in the near future.

Thanks! And, if you have any feedback, please send me an email!

Nathan Story
Founder, WordMint LLC

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