Colour Clock 5

by: gringer

<p>An animated clock using colours. Blobs at the end of the hour, minute, and second regions change colours over time (red = 12, yellow = 3, green = 6, blue = 9).</p> <p>My idea was that this might help younger children to tell the time without having to know what numbers mean (e.g. it's yellow and orange).</p> <p>I have also implemented a sine-wave second "tick", and stuck the minute hand to integer positions (in a somewhat similar fashion to the DB clocks in Germany). This makes the clock a bit more interesting, because each hand tells the time in a different way.</p> <p>[Update frequency is 100ms, but can be changed by editing the changeTime timeout at the end of the changeTime function.]</p> Android version <a href="">here</a>.

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Tags: animated, clock, rotating, time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Colour Clock 5 clip art free to use?

Yes, this clip art is completely free to use, including for commercial purposes. You may use, distribute, or even sell this image without paying any royalties nor giving any credit.

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Yes, this clip art is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Download this graphic as a high quality SVG file.

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Yes, this picture is suitable for printing, and will look great on posters, flyers, and handouts.

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Yes, you may download and use this image on your website.

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